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Calvary Martial Arts

 M/T/Th – 5:30

 FLC Aerobics Room

 100 / Month

Martial Arts Participant’s Name


Martial Arts Classes

****FEES ARE $100.00 A MONTH****
Classes are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday held in the FLC Aerobics Room
*5:30-6:30 – White Belt thru Orange Belt – Beginner
*6:30-7:30 – Green Belt thru Black – Advanced

**Required Equipment**
*mouth piece *cup/male protective gear

For more information and registration form go to or call 318-687-4922.

Martial Arts Reg & Payment

*Instructor Information: Jeffrey Newman
*4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
*Additional training in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Judo
*Instructor of TTC (Tactical Training Course)
*Traditional and free style forms
*Basic and Advanced Physical Fitness
*Student of nutrition and wellness



Membership Information

Membership is open to the Shreveport-Bossier area.

Membership fees are $25.00 per month for a single or $40.00 per month for a family.

Calvary Church Members see staff for information.


To register for membership at the Family Life Center, please print each of the documents below and take them to the Calvary FLC office, or fax them to 318-687-4925.

Enrollment form

The document below is to be used if you decide to terminate your membership, or want to freeze it.

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Mission Statement

The Purpose of the Family Life Center and our Recreation Sports League is to promote physical health, community, and spiritual growth through connecting people to Christ for life. At Calvary, we are interested in the total person, mind, body, and spirit, and there are opportunities for all ages with our gym memberships, group exercise classes, martial arts classes, baseball, soccer and basketball leagues. The Calvary Family Life Center offers child care services for members of the Family Life Center.