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Welcome to the 2015 Calvary League Season!! Let's get right down to the important information. Coaches are meeting tonight Tuesday, March 24th at 6:00PM.[more]

Martial Arts classes are available to new registration starting at age 5 and up to adults. Classes are 5:30 & 6:30 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday year round.[more]

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Special Shopping Day for Calvary at Dick's Sporting Good on March 28-29. Print the 20% off coupon below to use on any purchase except guns and ammunition.

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***Rosters are final!! There are no changing of teams at this point.***

The words T-ball and Machine Pitch are just on this page. The 5-6 are Coach Pitch and 7-8 are coach pitch, 9-10 boys and girls are player/coach pitch.

Click here to view Calvary League 2015 Rosters.

Practice Schedules

 T-Ball 1 (3-4 Yr)

 5-6 Year Olds

 Girls 7/8

 Boys 7/8

9-10 Girls

 9-10 Boys

 11-13 Girls

 11-13 Boys

T-Ball 1 (3-4 yr olds) - Closed
Coach Toss (5-6 yr olds) - Closed
Girls 7/8 & Boys Coach Pitch (7-8 yr olds) - Closed
9-10 & 11-13 Boys - Closed

We are only accepting girls as listed:
9/10 Girls - need 4 girls and 1 coaches
11-13 Girls - need 4 girls

Practice Begins:March 28th
Games Begin:April 18th

Q & A
1. What nights are the games and what time do they start? You will play one game during the week starting at 6:00PM and one game on Saturday starting at 9:00AM. The youngest go first.
2. Can I play with a friend? You can request a friend on the player request line. However, we try to meet 90% of all request. There are some that can't be met.
3. If I see a friend after we start can I switch teams? Absolutely NO. All rosters are final once they are posted online. We order uniforms based on the team that is set and teams get off balance. And no full refunds.
4. Will we get to practice at Calvary? Yes, we will do our best to give each team practice at Calvary but if a team has a alternate location please go there but let us know so we can schedule another team in your time slot.
5. What does my $90 fee cover? Uniform, trophy, admin. fee, officials.

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 Hoops Jam for Teams

     Hoops Picture

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Calvary Martial Arts

 Josh and Landon

 Josh and Landon

MA World

****FEES ARE $100.00 A MONTH****
Classes are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday held in the FLC Aerobics Room
*5:30-6:30 - White Belt thru Orange Belt - Beginner
*6:30-7:30 - Green Belt thru Black – Advanced

**Required Equipment**
*mouth piece *cup/male protective gear

For more information and registration form go to or call 318-687-4922.

 Martial Arts Registration Form

*Instructor Information: Jeffrey Newman
*4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
*Additional training in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Judo
*Instructor of TTC (Tactical Training Course)
*Traditional and free style forms
*Basic and Advanced Physical Fitness
*Student of nutrition and wellness

 Jeff Newman


League Sponsored by Dick's Sporting Goods!!


Congratulations to all the teams and the League Champions.

Soccer is officially closed until next fall. Look for 2015 registration in July.

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