Calvary Hoops Registration this is season is a controlled registration, meaning that last years coaches will have first choice to return and play.  We only play on Saturdays so I am limited to the number of teams I can take this season like last year.  If you played last year reach out to your coach to see if he/she is returning. Only coaches from last season will have a registration code. Please do not call but send email to with your name, number age of child and school attending and request to be put on the list to play in the 23-24 season.



Click Here to Register and Pay for 2023 Hoops CODE REQUIRED





Our Mission: Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples



Registration Begins: September 15th

Registration Fee: $125.00*

Final Registration: Once we reach our team limit.

Coaches Meeting:  TBD

Games Begin: 2023 Season will begin games December 3, 2022 (only on Saturday’s) 

All rosters are final once they are posted online.

*Registration Fee Covers: shirt, administration, refs, and ministry

Fee does not cover but you will need: ball (your age size below)

5-6 Co-ed – 27.5

7-8 Girls and Boys – 28.5

9-10 Girls and Boys – 28.5

11-12 Boys and Girls – Boys 29.5 Girls 28.5

**Maximum age limit is based on the date of Jan. 1st-so you play in the league based on what age you are on Jan. 1st.**


Click here to view Hoops Rosters 

Mission In Action: Making Jesus known through Sports.

Q & A:

  1. How many players can be on a 5-6 or 7-8 year old roster?  The minimum for these age groups is 8. If there is not 8 on your roster players will be added to reach that number.  Play is 4 V 4 on short court.
  2. How many players can be on a 9-10 or 11-12 year old roster?  The minimum for this age group is 10. If there is not 10 on your roster players will be added to reach that number.  Play is 5 V 5 real ball game on full court.
  3. All games will be played on Saturday starting at 8AM with the younger age groups and working to older by the end of the day.  Games begin on December 3rd.  
  4. All coaches must be approved to coach at Calvary by calling for a quick evaluation.   We do a back-ground check on all coaches and assistant coaches. **No coaches discount for Hoops.